Steel and Words
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: May 2000 ([1])
Link: [2]
Story Year: 429


Steel and Words

Gusai was the first great daimyo of the Mantis Clan, the clan of sailors and merchants who live off the coast of our great Empire. Gusai was a powerful daimyo and a great lord, and he was called into the court of the Emperor to build trade through the Empire, for the Mantis were rich in those days.

But Gusai sat in the court and said not a word, while all the courtiers of the Empire chattered and negotiated. Days passed, and still Gusai would speak to no one but the Emperor.

"Speech and action," he said to the Hantei, "are the basis of governing. They can move heaven and earth, but they are not as strong as steel."

The Emperor said to Gusai, "Show me that steel is stronger, and I will make you a lord of my court."

With a warrior's motion, Gusai drew a blade hidden in his robes and leveled it at the Hantei's throat. "There is nothing that can take your life as easily as steel. If you do not know fear, then you do not respect steel."

The Emperor smiled, and Gusai removed the blade. "Very good, Gusai-san," he said, and called forth his guard. "You have proven your point. Steel is strong enough to make you a lord." With a wave of the Emperor's hand, Gusai was made the first daimyo of the Mantis, from sea to sea. "Your children shall bear your name, and your clan shall be welcome in my court.

"But, Lord Gusai, before you go," the Hantei smiled, "let me show you how much stronger words can be." With a pen stroke, he signed Gusai's execution warrant and that day, the sun sank into a bloody sea.

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