Steel Throne

The Steel Throne

The Steel Throne is the current Imperial Throne, and the third one to bear the title.

Crafting Edit

It was created at the end of the War of Spirits. The Throne incorporated pieces of the previous two thrones, the Emerald Throne and the Jade Throne, into the armrests. [citation needed] Most of the jade left over was given to the Crab Clan as a gift by Toturi I, and the portions removed were replaced with the finest Kaiu steel. [1]

Tainted Steel Edit

In 1158, during the Winter Court attended by the Four Winds in Kyuden Miya, a Pekkle no Oni was uncovered and destroyed. The cloud of Taint that accompanied the creature's death Tainted the Steel Throne. [2]

Disappearence Edit

Steel Throne 2

Tainted Steel Throne

A short time after the Winter Court, the Throne disappeared [3] into the Shadowlands, where it was kept by Daigotsu until his invasion of Otosan Uchi in 1159. [4] There, Daigotsu used the Steel Throne in the ritual to free Fu Leng, because it could be used as a communication link between the Mortal Realm and the Celestial Heavens. [5] When Toturi Tsudao forced Daigotsu's retreat, she gave the Throne to Bayushi Tai, who promised her he had a way to purify it. [6]

Purification Edit

Tai took the Throne back to the secret Shadowed Tower organization, where it was purified by their shugenja. The Tower then placed powerful scrying enchantments that allowed them to spy on the Throne (and therefore, the Emperor) from afar. [7] [8] The Throne was returned to Kyuden Seppun, the city elected by Tsudao as her capital. [9] The Tower's scrying enchantments stayed on the Throne until Isawa Sezaru destroyed the existing enchantments upon it, which at that time had been used by the Gozoku, and used his own magic to place powerful wards upon the Throne in 1166. [10] Inside the metal of the throne, dozens of hidden jade talismans had been buried within to cleanse it from taint. [11]

The purified Throne served the same function that both it and its predecessors have served for over a thousand years: as the centerpiece and hub of the Imperial Court and the Empire. [1]

Cleaved Edit

In 1200 the rebellious Daigotsu Kanpeki dueled the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Nitoshi in the Throne Room. The Steel Throne was cleaved by Nitohi's sword, Churetsu, and in turn Kanpeki used the Throne as an improvised weapon against Nitoshi. [11]

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