Steel Soul Dojo

Steel Soul Dojo

The Steel Soul Dojo was a holding of the Spider Clan. [1] It was begun in 1198, as a sign that the lands the Spider claimed after the Edict of Exploration was issued, would be for the Spider alone. [2]

Temple Edit

Daigotsu Kanpeki used to train there and considered it home. Its area hosted a temple where tribute was paid to his parents, Daigotsu, the Master of Jigoku, and Shahai, the Dark Fortune of Blood. [3]

Ruhmalite Attack Edit

When Kanpeki was confering with Moto Rani there in 1198, the premises were attacked by Ruhmalite cultists. Assassins tried to kill Rani, but the Spider Clan Champion saved her life. During the attack the dojo was set on fire, which surprised and enraged Kanpeki. [3]

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