Steel Magistrates were a group of magistrates created in 596 at the behest of Hantei XVI, the Steel Chrysanthemum, whose job would be to root out treason among the samurai of the Empire. [1] Many Tortoise joined their ranks. [2]

Fighting the Scorpion Edit

The group were put under the command of one of the closest advisors of the Emperor, Shosuro Tsia. Using her knowledge of the Scorpion information network they began a secret war against Scorpion agents. [1]

Patroling the Empire Edit

Steel magistrates ferreted and executed for treason a few of the authors of “fictional” tales of pain and fear under the rule of an evil “Emperor of Flowers.” [3] In 597 Steel Magistrates discovered groups who were devising how to work against the Emperor, especially in Crane and Phoenix lands. They were executed for treason. In 609 a Phoenix group found in the province of Chokai were tortured, revealing the Phoenix were part of a larger effort to send relief all over the Empire. Hantei XVI ordered to punish Nikesake and the Dragon province. [4]

Destruction Edit

This year the Steel Chrysanthemum ordered Shosuro Tsia arrested and tortured. She was hanged along with the entirety of the Steel Magistrates, after she confessed they were plotting against the Throne. [5]


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