Star of Laramun
Star of Laramun
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Star of Laramun was a Bahiya, [1] a magical artifact from the Burning Sands, lost in the destruction of the ancient city of Laramun. [2] It was brought to Rokugan by the Unicorn Clan. [3] Only an ensouled Ashalan could use it. [1]

Seeking the Star Edit

As one of the lost items from a past era, the Ashalan explorer Hojyn was interested in locating the artifact. The last known bearer was the father of the Scorpion Clan courtier Shosuro Anzu. [4]

Abilities Edit

The bearer of the Star could see the shadow image of the doomed city of Laramun inside the pendant, but it was possible that the Star had other powers as well. [4]

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