Festival of the River of Stars

River of Stars

The Star Festival, also known as the Festival of the River of Stars, was based on a Phoenix folktale concerning a weaving maiden and a cowherder that were madly in love, but unable to be together. They were taken by the fortunes and placed in the sky, as the Weaver Star and the Cowherd Star, separated by the River of Stars. One day a year, if the River did not flood, they could cross and meet, but to make sure no dishonor was brought to their families, the people of Rokugan came out on this day to chaperone the meeting of the two lovers. The Rokugani often wrote wishes and romantic aspirations on long, narrow strips of colored paper and hanged them on bamboo branches for this festival. [1] It was held in the 9th day of the Month of the Boar. [2]

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