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Standard of the Iron Crane

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Standard of the Iron Crane
Created by: Asahina
First used by: Daidoji family
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Standard of the Iron Crane was a gift to the Daidoji family in 353 after Asahina's marriage and joining the Crane Clan. The standard was made to embody the elegance of the Crane while at the same time be a symbol of military might. The standard was eight feet tall and two feet wide with the mon of the Crane and Daidoji on a sky blue background. It also bore the symbols of Bishamon, the fortune of strength, and Fukurokujin, the fortune of wisdom. Unlike the other Crane standards the writing is not presented in white but in steel grey. It is said that the banner was carried by Daidoji Yuzan's army when they captured Shiro no Yojin from the Lion Clan. [1]

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