Stag hunting

Stags, or Shika, [1] were commonly found in the eastern forests and high mountain areas of Rokugan, anywhere from the sea coast to about an altitude of eightthousand feet. The mature males were usually solitary, and would only be with the herd during mating season. They fed mostly on grass but also various wild fruits. A herd would usually consist of fewer than six animals, most of which females and young. The adult males would establish territories during the mating season, where they were joined by female herds for short periods of time. Gestation was about seven months. If attacked the stag would defend itself with its large antlers and hooves, the antlers weighing up to as much as forty pounds. [2]

Varieties Edit

Most of stags were brown or reddish and had a pattern of white spots near their hindquarters. The deer of the Mantis Isles frequently were a deeper red and spotless. White stags were found in the lands of the Seppun family. [3]

Hantei Dynasty Edit

The Hantei Dynasty were oftenly associated with a white stag. The first Hantei was with his brothers and sisters on a hunt when they spotted the stag. They hunted it all day without success. Only when Hantei rode alone did he find the beast. Some said a promise was spoken between them, but what manner of promise, none could say. [4]

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