The Squeeky Eyeball Tribe was a tribe of Nezumi. Unique among the Nezumi, the entire tribe was born with the ability to become Rememberers. [1]

Characteristics Edit

They Squeaky Eyeballs were hunters and herdsmen, with limited agricultural skills that consisted of carrying berry-bushes to a single location, and weeding out any other plants from that plain. They were governed by the oldest Rememberers in the nation, the Council of the Eye. [2]

Lean Times Edit

After the Terrible Day the Squeaky Eyeball did not reclaim their old territory in the midst of the Shadowlands, they instead traveled in all directions, collecting every story and legend they could find, not only within the Shadowlands and Rokugan but also to the west in the gaijin territories. [3] Unlike many tribes they believed that the fall of Heaven had irredeemably destroyed their beloved home. [4]

New Territory Edit

The remote territory of the Squeaky Eyeballs was located in the northwestern Twilight Mountains, along Rokugan's western edge. They remained safely ensconced in their well-built burrows in the Valley of Stories. [5]

Friendly Storytellers Edit

No tribe was as universally beloved as the bold, brash, and 'cultured' Squeaky Eyeball. [6] This was the result of the reputation of the Tribe's rememberers both for their quality and number. The Squeaky Eyeball Tribe believed that by spreading tales of heroism, both Nezumi and other, they could inspire the recreation of the Nezumi Empire. Extremely friendly, outgoing and gregarious, the Squeaky Eyeball had a great thirst for new stories, and would go to great lengths to make new friends, so as to hear their stories. [7]

Journeymen Rememberers Edit

Their tales concern the wanderings of the Torre'chek, the Journeymen Rememberers, who visited distant lands to find one new tale that was truly worthy of telling. After their return they were revered by the tribe as true Rememberers. [5]

One Tribe Edit

In the aftermath of the Battle of One Tribe in 1166, [8] the Squeaky Eyeball joined the One Tribe, and often served as ambassadors or messengers with the Empire. During the Battle of Tomorrow they suffered very heavy losses, but were not wholly extinguished. [3]

Known Chieftains of the Squeaky Eyeball Edit

Ropp'tch'tch (c. 1126)

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