A Spider

Spiders had eight legs, fangs that injected venom, and extruded silk to made webs, which they used to trap their preys.

Spider Gum Edit

The spider's silk was used by the Scorpion Clan as a gum to seal their correspondence. If the letter could not be opened without break the seal, and evidence of it remained. [1]

Spider Venom Edit

The most dangerous poison came from the Black Piper spider. [2]

Lion Clan and Spiders Edit

Many Lion had an aversion to killing spiders. The Lion traditionally believed that if spider was killed, its spirit would follow them home and plague their house with bad luck. After the Great Sea Spider rose and destroyed much of the Crane farmlands during the War Against Shadow, Lion samurai tended to fondly move spiders to safety rather than kill them, and some houses had "lucky spiders" fondly regarded as family pets. [3] The Lion Golden Spider Dojo was named after this belief. [4]

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