Spider Biwa
Created by: Asahina minions of the Lying Darkness
First used by: Goju Adorai
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Spider Biwa was a strange biwa crafted by Asahina minions of the Lying Darkness. [1]

Appearance Edit

It was made of dark wood, nearly black, with strange, web-like patterns carved across its surface. The strings were made of pale white silk, slightly sticky to the touch. The biwa produced an eerie, haunting melody when played. As it was played it grew warm like a living thing. [1]

Abilities Edit

While the biwa was being played, the Great Sea Spider could mentally communicate with the player regardless of distance. The spider's first objective was to befriend the player, to teach him how to play the song that would summon the spider king from the depths, and to find a way to force the player to rationalize such a terrible act. The special song cast by the biwa was the Kumo's Black Embrace spell. The biwa could not be destroyed unless the Great Sea Spider voluntarily turned its back on corruption and endeavored to purify itself. [1]

History Edit

War Against Shadow Edit

In 1132 the Sea Spider was released with the biwa by Goju Adorai. After the return of the Kami Shinjo the Empire marched in the Assault on Otosan Uchi. The spider allied itself with the Lying Darkness and Onnotangu, and weaved a web of Shadows over Otosan Uchi. Minions of the Darkness infested the city, slaughtering any rokugani they met. [2] The Fox Clan defeated Kumo and his soul was put to rest. [3]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 Daidoji Ekiken used the biwa to summon the Spider during the Fall of Otosan Uchi. He had been fouled by the Kumo, and was convinced that all was lost when Daigotsu attacked Otosan Uchi. The spider cast its foul web over Kyuden Seppun, preventing many Imperial Guardsmen from rushing to the city's defense. When Ekiken realized what was happening, he banished the beast back to the sea through the biwa. [4]

Known Wielders Edit


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