The Spider's exodus was decreed in 1173 by the Empress Iweko I upon the end of the Destroyer War. The tainted members of the recently Great Clan Spider Clan were sent to the ruined and abandoned region once known as the Ivory Kingdoms to bring them to the Empire, and they were proclaimed as the Iweko's Conquerors. They would bring order to the Colonies, pacifying the region under the supervision of the Dragon Clan. [1]

Claiming the Kingdoms Edit

Initial Trip and First Settlement Edit

In summer of 1173 the tainted members of the Spider set forth on an overland march to the former Ivory Kingdoms, escorted by troops from the Unicorn and Dragon Clans. After two months of journey, the group established a major camp designed to survive the incoming winter, unaware of the mild winters which could be expected in tropical climate. Journey's End Keep was brought forth, a place which divided the Kingdoms and the empty lands to the north, the Western Wastes. [2]

Colonial Capital Edit

In 1174 a proper city was constructed farther south, a few days' travel south of Journey's End Keep, close to a number of valuable resources, including a major river that allowed access to the sea, and also situated in a highly defensible position. It became known as the Second City, the Capital of the Colonies. [3]


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