Spectral Martyr

A Spectral Martyr raising from his fallen body

The Yodotai Spectral Martyrs were the Yodotai who had fallen and joined the spirit Yodotai Legions. When the Yodotai armies entered battle the spirits warriors appeared to fight alongside their descendants, led by Conquest, the god of War himself. They could only appear on the battlefield if their descendants believe in the spirit afterlife. [1]

Characteristics Edit

The majority of these spirits were incorporeal and could not fight against the enemy. They intercepted all but the strongest magic cast at the Yodotai army and effectively made each soldier highly resistant to magic. [2]

First Appearance Edit

In 180, during the invasion of the Kingdom of Radia, the Yodotai realized for first time that the spirits of their ancestors came to fight alongside the Yodotai army if there was a valiant warrior at its head. [3]


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