The South Wing was the South part of the Hundred Stances Dojo.

The Library Edit

The library was first built during Akodo Kentsu's time, who had rebuilt the ruined dojo. The largest section in the library was devoted to kenjutsu, and both Kakita's The Sword and Mirumoto's Niten were present. A very large theology section was also present. Students spent their idle time there searching for knowledge which would make them into the perfect warrior. It was usually cared by a Seppun Shugenja since the dojo fell under Imperial administration. [1]

Known Librarians Edit

The Minor Dojo Edit

While the main dojo was dedicated for challenges to claim the sensei position, this place was created during the Seppun administration for other students to practice. Those sensei who had lost their position as the champion's dojo began teaching smaller classes of their own. They prepared challengers who sought the position of champion. [2]

Guests' Quarters Edit

Occasional visitors and guests were housed in these rooms due to the distance to the nearest village. A single room was used as a neutral meeting area, a refuge for those guests who did not wish to mingle with the martial population of the dojo. It was also used by the sensei or administrator when they wished to greet guests who would not be staying as students. [3]


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