Soul of the Slayer 
Soul of the Slayer
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Soul of the Slayer was a powerful nemuranai that imprisoned the souls of those defeated by its wielder, preserving them in the items known as Soul Jars. The victims instantly turned into ghuls. [1]

Origin Edit

In the 7th century the nemuranai had been found by the dreaded Jackal brotherhood in the Lake of Souls. [2] In 1160 the Monkey Man was its owner. [3] claiming it was his creation. [4]

Appearance and abilities Edit

Before it was activated the nemuranai resembled a round mirror with two handles in both sides. When activated it had a green glowing. The prey had to had his face mirrored, and the soul was retrieved from the body to the mirror, and later passed to a Soul Jar, where it was stored. [5]

Known Wielders Edit

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