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Soshi Yoshino was a bushi of the Scorpion Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Yoshino was a curt, arrogant, and impatient young warrior. [1]

Mission Edit

Yoshino and his cousin Soshi Kaoru were dispatched by the Soshi Daimyo Soshi Uidori to Honored Treaty City. The two of them had to present a gift to the Shogun Kaneka, a crystal flower carved by Ashalan Sandsmith. The Shogun was not there and Yoshino refused to leave until he claimed the gift. [2]

Affair Edit

Yoshino quickly developed a relationship, and then had an affair, with Seppun Isa, the daughter of the city's governor Seppun Juro. She was betrothed to a Dragon, but Yoshino followed his heart. This was secretely the truth behind his refusal to leave the city. [1]

Juro's death Edit

When the body of Juro was found, Kitsuki Temko, agent of the Shogun, was appointed to investigate. None inside the castle were allowed to leave until the murder was solved. [1] Shortly after Isa's father died, Aichi broke his betrothal. He did not desire her, as Isa was low-born, her mother a peasant. Yoshino challenged the Mirumoto, despite the illegal duel would bring dishonor over the Scorpion. The young samurai Shiba Kanshiro convinced Yoshino to select him as his champion. In a duel to first blood Aichi let him win, leaving Seppun Isa's honor intact. [3]


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