Soshi Tsuchiya 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1125 
Titles: Nanbu Daimyo

Soshi Tsuchiya of Hosue Nanbu was the daimyo to a minor vassal family of the Soshi family with little influence over the Empire’s politics. Occasional trade kept them aware of events and helped the village grow. After the Scorpion Coup they were to be judged alongside the rest of the Scorpion Clan. He was uncle to Tzurui. When in 1125 the Emperor legions showed up and demanded that the Soshi retainers surrender so Tsuchiya could be questioned he appeared from the holding and forebade his samurai from coming forth. He commited seppuku with Matsu Chokoku gracing him by being his second. The Nanbu name was cleared but the family was disbanded and their holdings became a garrison. [1]


  1. Way of the Wolf, pp. 4-5

Preceded by:
Nanbu Daimyo
? - 1123
Succeeded by:
Clan Disbanded

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