Soshi Taoshi 
Soshi Taoshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1149 
Spouse: Soshi Mutsumi 
Children: Soshi Uidori,
Soshi Miroko,
Soshi Yukimi 
Titles: Soshi Daimyo

Soshi Taoshi was a shugenja of the Scorpion Clan.

Scorpion Coup Edit

Taoshi lived at Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Soshi Daimyo Edit

Taoshi was the Soshi family daimyo before the War of Spirits. He married Soshi Mutsumi who gave birth to identical triplets, Soshi Uidori, Soshi Yukimi and Soshi Miroko. Having triplets is considered a bad omen, so Taoshi hid the existence of one of his daughters to everyone. He used his magic to wipe all memories of the youngest triplet from the memory of those present at the birth, including his own wife. With a second spell, they escaped and hid his daughter. When they grew, the three sisters traded roles and places to lure their enemies. [2]

Death Edit

Before Taoshi left to fight in the War of Spirits, Taoshi gave the sisters three amulets, so that each could speak to the others regardless of distance. He died alongside his wife in the War of Spirits, slain by Hantei XVI's troops. [2]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Clan disbanded
Soshi Daimyo
1132 - 1149
Succeeded by:
Soshi Uidori


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