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Soshi Takasho was a shugenja and magistrate of the Scorpion Clan during the 5th century and 6th century. [1]

Station Edit

Takasho spent much of his life administering the Ryoko province of his father. [1]

Rise of Iuchiban Edit

Takasho was dispatched by the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Rikoji in 510 to track down Asahina Yajinden. With the help of the legionnaire Akodo Minobe, he discovered the secret cult of Bloodspeakers and Iuchiban and their plan to animate bodies in the Imperial Crypts. The Clans later united to defeat Iuchiban in the Battle of Stolen Graves. [2] Takasho found the Bloodspeaker's escape route, where he laid the blood sorcerer low with a powerful spell, allowing the Emperor's forces to apprehend him. [1] It was said that Minobe and Takasho had been rivals before the plot of Iuchiban. [3]

Aftermath Edit

Takasho was given a high-ranking position in the Emerald Magistrates, and eventually became one of the chief assistants to the Emerald Champion. [1] A memorial was built in the Hojize district to honor their memory. [4]

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