Soshi Sanru was a shugenja of the Scorpion Clan.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Sanru wore white robes and a white linen mask that covered his entire face. He was a vengeful man who saw anyone outside the Scorpion as an enemy. [1]

Clan Disbanded Edit

Quest for Power Edit

In 1123 his clan was disbanded after their failure in the Scorpion Coup. He looked for a quick route to power so he could gain retribution. He believed that maho would serve his purpose well, and moved to the ruins of Shiro Usagi, the ancestral home of the Hare Clan. The Hare had been disbanded upon accusation of maho, and Sanru believed that there must be something hidden in the ruins that he could use. [2]

Looters Edit

The Scorpion began to dig in the castle at night, and the Hare's superstition had kept away spectators. One day the were witnessed, by a young boy named Otu. Sanru made a visit to the boy's father, the farmer Genko, threatening and ordering him to forget what they could have seen. [3]

Exposed Edit

The Asako Inquisitors had been noticed that Shiro Usagi was haunted and sent a group of samurai to investigate. Sanru was afraid that his activities could be exposed and planned to kill Otu, Genko, and the group, once for all. Somehow the investigators had been advised and managed to defeat Sanru. [2]

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