Soshi Miroki 
Soshi Miroki 
Born: 1133 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Soshi Taoshi,
Soshi Mutsumi 
Siblings: Soshi Yukimi,
Soshi Uidori

Soshi Miroko was a shugenja of the Scorpion Clan. She later changed her name to Soshi Miroki.

Triplets Edit

Miroko and her sisters were born in 1133, one of the three daughters of the Soshi Daimyo Soshi Taoshi and his wife Soshi Mutsumi. She was hidden away by their father using magic shortly after their birth, as the birth of triplets were considered an ill omen within the Scorpion Clan, and trained as a ninja. Before her father left to fight in the War of Spirits, Taoshi gave the sisters three amulets, so that each could speak to the others regardless of distance. Her parents were slain by Hantei XVI's troops, [1] so the older sister, Soshi Uidori, became the Soshi Daimyo. Her other sister Soshi Yukimi was the sensei of the Dojo of the Closed Eye. The three sisters would sometimes trade places with eachother to lure out their enemies. [2]

Uidori Edit

Miroko's identical triplet sister Soshi Uidori, the Soshi Daimyo, was assassinated in 1170. [3] Miroko changed her name to Soshi Miroki to honor her sister's death. [4] She sought the assassins of her sister by any means at her disposal. [5]

Death Edit

The exact fate of Miroki was unknown but she was dead before the end of the 12th century. [6]

External Links Edit

Soshi Miroko

Soshi Miroko disguised as Uidori


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