Soshi Kuriname was a shugenja of the Scorpion Clan.

Executing the Goju Edit

When the Darkness was defeated at the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, the lords of the Soshi and Shosuro gathered up and questioned those who had been touched by the Darkness, suspected members of the Goju. Those who displayed any erratic behavior or even the vaguest display of Darkness-related abilities were slain. Some non-Scorpion that had been influenced by the Darkness were invited to the Scorpion lands; many died of mysterious causes while visiting the Shosuro. Any who refused the invitation were automatically viewed with suspicion and hunted by the true ninja. Kuriname coordinated these efforts. [1]

Journal Edit

After the last execution took place, Kuriname wrote down everything he had witnessed and vanished. This journal was handed to Yogo Kakatsu, the first sensei of the Hidden Moon Dojo. Its students harnessed the power of kami as shugenja do, and also could upon the power of Nothing. Though the Darkness had been defeated, that Kuriname learned could possibly reawaken it. [1]

Threats of the Nothing Edit

Kuriname warned in his writings that accessing the deepest parts of Nothing in the way that the Goju once did drew the attention of the Shadow Dragon, heir of the Lying Darkness. Even the kami could not protect the Shosuro from such an entity. A strong connection to the Void seemed to protect a Tejina from the Shadow Dragon's attention. [2]


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