Soshi Kiyo 
Soshi Kiyo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Yogo Fujitani 
Spouse: Soshi Eiji

Soshi Kiyo, or Snowflake, was a kitsune spirit who entered the mortal realm in the winter of 1158. To be allowed into Rokugan by the Lady of the Forest she had to take three taboos. The first was to never be touched by the elemental magic of a shugenja. The second was to always answer a question with a question and the third was to marry within a year and marry a good man. [1]

Soshi Eiji Edit

Soshi Kiyo 1

Young Kiyo

Her first day in Rokugan she encountered Soshi Eiji, who was lost in blizzard on his way to Kyuden Doji. Snowflake led Eiji safely through the storm and Eiji fell for Snowflake immediately, asking her to marry him and he would show her Rokugan. Snowflake accepted on the condition that he would never tell anyone what she truly was, becoming Soshi Kiyo. [1] Snowflake had abandoned her home in the forest when she saw Eiji, an evil man, perform a single act of kindness. Either she would redeem her mortal husband or lose herself in the trying. [2] If she could not help Eiji overcome his dishonorable nature and prove himself a hero, Kiyo would die as the third taboo would be broken. [3]

Illness Edit

Kiyo and Eiji were in Otosan Uchi in 1159 during the Fall of Otosan Uchi. They fled as the city was being attacked by Daigotsu's Shadowlands forces, but shortly after Kiyo grew ill with fever. The sickness worsened and Eiji was unable to help until he received a letter from agents of the Shadowed Tower. Unknown to Kiyo, Eiji accepted their maho help, ridding her of the taint in exchange for becoming an agent of the tower. [1]

Death of Eiji Edit

Eiji confessed to Shosuro Yudoka the same year, and revealed all the information he had in hopes that his wife would be spared in the hunt for the Tower. Eiji was collected by Yudoka and his men a week later, and Kiyo thought they were taking him to Traitor's Grove. In fact he was being allowed an honorable seppuku in Kyuden Bayushi. Kiyo gave him strength to face it without fear, promising to remain with the Scorpion and wait for his reincarnation. [1]

Sister Edit

Snowflake's sister became intrigued with how joining the Scorpion Clan had changed her. The sister also joined in an attempt to know why, becoming Yogo Fujitani. [4]

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