Soshi Kitaiko 
Soshi Kitaiko 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: One of the triplets former Soshi Daimyo 
Siblings: Un-named sister 
Titles: Soshi Daimyo

Soshi Kitaiko was an air shugenja and courtier of the Scorpion Clan. She had a sister, [1] daughters of of one of the triplets who previously ruled the Soshi family. Kitaiko was appointed as the Soshi Daimyo. [2]

War with the Lion Edit

Provoking an Incident Edit

Kitaiko was the leader of a Scorpion caravan which was moving supplies to the Second Pit. The carts were surveyed carefully in the highways near Toshi Ranbo by Lion samurai under the command of Ikoma Shungo. Her yojimbo Bayushi Akagi became angered by the delay, and eventually headbutted the Lion officer with sufficient force to kill him. The Scorpion escort of the caravan began a fight with the Lion guards, and slain them. [3]

War is Granted Edit

Kitaiko was in the Scorpion Embassy at Toshi Ranbo, when she was reported by Bayushi Atsuto that the Otomo had granted the Lion to wage war on the Scorpion. [4]

Soshi Daimyo Edit

As per tradition, Kitaiko was an air shugenja who thrived on trickery and deception, particularly with regards to her personality and reputation. She delighted in the inaccurate gossip that her deliberate lies generated and had taken a particular liking to Isawa Tsumaro, the Master of Air. Kitaiko had a sister who remained her closest confidant in all decisions. [2]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

In 1200 her Lord Bayushi Nitoshi offered his allegiance to Daigotsu Kanpeki, leader of the rebellious Spider Clan. Nitoshi's wife and daughter were taken as hostages, and Kitaiko accompanied them. Once Nitoshi revealed his loyalty to the Empire, Kitaiko get Bayushi Kanihime and Kaiko out of Kanpeki's reach. [5]

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Preceded by:
Soshi Yukimi
Soshi Daimyo
? - Present
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