Shosuro Karuko joined the Soshi Shugenja school as Soshi Karuko

Training Edit

Born a Shosuro, Karuko was forested to the Soshi as Soshi Karuko after her gempukku, to take advantage of her magical ability. [1]

Kitsu Tombs Edit

Karuko was sent to other dojo, so she could report back with knowledge of other clans she had visited. In the Kitsu Tombs she had an incident involving a Kitsu sensei and his impressionable son, so Karuko was shipped back to Shiro no Soshi. [1]

Dojo of Closed Eyes Edit

Karuko became a respected student at the Dojo of the Closed Eye, and she was given a position as a minor sensei in 1159, teaching traditional shugenja practices, including the revering of one's ancestors and worship of specific kami. [1]

Troubles Edit

This year the dojo began to have problems with a ghost haunting the students' rooms. Master Sensei Soshi Yukimi was unable to communicate with the spirits and assigned Karuko to handle the matter. It was revealed the ghost was that of her former Kitsu master's son, who, after learning Karuko's true nature, committed seppuku out of shame, feeling he had betrayed his family to the enemy. The spirit wished that Karuko returned to the Kitsu Tombs and apologized to his father, something that would likely result in Karuko's death. [1]


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