Soshi Ganrou 
Soshi Ganrou 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1172

Soshi Ganrou was an air shugenja and a ninja of the Scorpion Clan.

Plague War Edit

In 1172 Ganrou was alongside Bayushi Mago and Soshi Mayumi to accomplish a suicide mission in a plague ingected village. The Scorpion knew the Plague Zombies had a leader and Ganrou had to set up an operative that would destroy all the infected individuals in one blow. A silver egg would activate it. Before they reached the village they found a lost Crab, Hida Fosuko, who joined them. Ganrou departed alone to plant several items within the village while his companions were the distraction he needed. Eventually Ganrou saved Fosuko from dying, but Mago and Mayumi already had fallen. They reached the center of the village to activate the egg, and Fosuko was overwhelmed by the undead. [1]

Death Edit

Before Ganrou could use the egg his hand was cut with a silver wire, a ninja weapon. He died under the zombie leader, who formerly had been a Scorpion ninja. [1]

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