Soshi Deceivers were members of a tiny and especialized school was created during the era when the Soshi family meddled with the sinister power of Shadow. They originally called on the power of Nothing to create their spell effects, but after the War Against Shadow tney left apart these practices. [1] They were notably adepted at illusion magic. [2]

The Shosuro Tejina School had its roots in two things: the blood of its first students and the shadows they walked in. When the Lying Darkness revealed its true nature to the Scorpion who thought themselves the masters of the shadows, many within the darker ranks of the clan knew things would have to change. [3] It was refounded as the Soshi Deceiver school. [1]

Purge Edit

When the Darkness was defeated at the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, the lords of the Soshi and Shosuro families gathered up and questioned those who had been touched by the Darkness. Those who displayed any erratic behavior or even the vaguest display of Darkness-related abilities were slain. Some non-Scorpion that had been influenced by the Darkness were invited to the Scorpion lands; many died of mysterious causes while visiting the Shosuro. Any who refused the invitation were automaticallty viewed with suspicion and hunted by the true ninja. [4]

Rebirth Edit

After the last execution took place, Soshi Kuriname, the Soshi Shugenja who had coordinated the efforts wrote down everything he had witnessed and vanished. This journal was handed to Yogo Kakatsu, the first sensei of the Hidden Moon Dojo. Though the Darkness had been defeated, that Kuriname learned could possibly reawaken it. Kakatsu and every member of his small school faked their deaths within the next year, covering themselves in an impenetrable cloak of anonimity and confusion. [5] They believed they were no longer calling on the power of Nothing to create their spell effects. [1]

There was another group that used the name tejina, and belonged to the Shiba family, the Shiba Tejina. [6]

Known Techniques Edit

Dojo Edit


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