Soshi Burezu 
Born: 34 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Soshi (Shosuro),
Titles: Soshi Daimyo

Soshi Burezu was the son of Shosuro. History presented Burezu as the son of Soshi, the alter ego of Shosuro, and a bride who had died during his childbirth. Much of his early life was spent in reclusion, as he was known to be of notoriously weak constitution. When Soshi died many years later Burezu, who was virtually unknown, became the Soshi Daimyo at the age of 25 years old. [1]

Daimyo Edit

Burezu proved himself to be an adequate daimyo, but he also shocked his entire clan by showing his exceptional skills as teacher. His time in seclusion allowed him to master intricacies of his "father"'s unique magical style than no other student had ever been able to reproduce. Further, his patient and insightful instruction allowed him to pass the secrets of these abilities on to his students, contributing a great deal to the particular brand of magic that the Soshi Shugenja practice for over a thousand years, the Tejina. [2]

Lying Darkness Edit

In truth, Burezu was born before Shosuro became Soshi. Some speculated that Bayushi might have been his father, but there was no way to confirm this. Burezu received the Lying Darkness powers from his mother, and this greatly attributed to his reputation as one of the most powerful and innovative shugenja of his age. Upon his death, his spirit ascended to Yomi, and it was cleansed of its Darkness affliction. His descendants had the slightest hint of Shadow ability without actually having been consumed by that entity, and this still happened even after the destruction of the Lying Darkness in 1133. [1]

Preceded by:
Soshi Daimyo
59 - ?
Succeeded by:


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