The Sons of the Mountain was a militant and ambitious tribe of Yobanjin, who desired to lead a nation of Yobanjin. They were extremely capable warriors and more than passable tacticians. [1]

Origins Edit

The tribe originally lived in the mountains from which they drew their name, but extended to the plateaus and the coastline of the Yobanjin territory. With their size and wealth the Sons of the Mountains maintained a large army. [2]

Conflict with the Phoenix Edit

In 1154 [3] the warlord Baxing united several tribes to invade the Phoenix lands, a clan selected because it appeared too weak to defend themselves. They occupied several Phoenix provinces before they were eventually defeated by Imperial Legions led by Toturi Tsudao. [4]

Yobanjin Alliance Edit

The exiled Dragon Mirumoto Gengyo in 1165 was leading the tribe. Gengyo convinced the Mountain Tribe that they might unite the rest of Yobanjin tribes and forge a Yobanjin nation worthy of respect. They attempted to gain the favor engineering a significant victory against their southern neighbors, the Phoenix who were quite vulnerable of late due to the Bloodspeaker attacks. The Emerald Champion, Yasuki Hachi, killed Gengyo and the tribe was pacified, [5] and their tenous alliance with the Tortoise and Mantis Clans came to an end. [1]

War of Dark Fire Edit

When the Dark Oracle of Fire, made his home in the yobanjin mountains, the Sons of Mountain willingly sided with Chosai after the Dark Oracle approached them diplomatically. The first tribe to join him, the Sons of the Mountain attacked those tribes who had refused to become Chosai's minions, overrunning the Mountain Wind and the remmants of the Daughters of the Flame tribes. [1] The Sons suffered gruesome casualties in the War of Dark Fire, and were reduced to mere shadow of their former power. [2]

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