The Sons of Shadow was a sect of ninja, who were followers of the Lying Darkness, and linked to the Ninube family. [1]

Tsi family Edit

They used to be based in the Hub Villages, [2] and the ruins of Otosan Uchi. In Otosan Uchi was where they held the Tsi Daimyo Tsi Zutaka and his family prisoners to provide them with weapons. Zutaka did so for fear of reprisals on his family, but he delivered only flawed weapons which would break at the first serious shock. [1]

Destruction Edit

In 1168 the Sons of Shadows were killed when Shinjo Shono and Moto Chen attacked their lair with the help of members of the Tortoise Clan. Simultaneously, Zutaka and his family were freed by Mirumoto Ryosaki, Isawa Angai and Agasha Miyoshi who were looking for the new Eighth Dragon. [1]


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