Someisa family
Patron family: Kasuga family
Clan: Tortoise Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

Someisa family was a vassal family in service to the Kasuga family of the Tortoise Clan.

Tale Edit

It was said that Someisa was an old woman who one day met Shinsei as he was leaving the Empire, and instead of asking if he had some final answer for her she asked if he had any questions. Shinsei made her promise to never tell another creature. Someisa promised and Shinsei whispered his final riddle in her ear. Someisa lived for another three hundred years, but could not bear to keep the secret to herself. The first hundred years she told the trees in her garden, and they blossomed thousandfold. During the next hundred she told a nearby river, which bubbled with joy and flowed silver. Eventually the Emperor came to visit her, and ordered her to tell him Shinsei's last secret. Someisa merely bowed to the Emperor, but before she could speak she transformed into a tortoise. [1]

Founding Edit

The Kasuga family cared for an eternal tortoise, which was hundred of years old. They claimed the animal had been with them since the founding of their clan. Some believed the creature was Someisa herself. To honor the old woman, the Tortoise founded the Someisa family. [2]

Duty Edit

The Someisa were the caretakers of the eternal flowers, babbling brook, and eternal tortoise within Kyuden Kasuga. [citation needed]


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