City Guard (Jewel)

City Guard

The City Guard of Medinaat al-Salaam kept the city under control. They were led by the Captains of the Guard, which were under the command of the Qadi, the enforcers of the Sultan's law. The Captains sorted out the majority of the disputes, and the rest were elevated to the Qadi. [1]

Founding Edit

A purely volunteer organization for most of its history, the City Guard formed the core of the Jewel's standing army as well as policing its streets. [2]

Shattering of the Jewel Edit

In 1132 during the Shattering of the Jewel the Erba'a Alliance formed by Ujik-hai, Yodotai, and their allies sieged the city. The City Guard aided by the Senpet defended it. [3]

Respected Edit

When Adira became the new Caliph she reorganized the unit and instead forced levies their ranks were filled with volunteers. It was a great success and the Guards were respected by the people of the city. [4]

Weapons Edit

The guard wore light armor, short or long swords, and Composite Bows. They were the only ones allowed to wield weapons within the Jewel. Members of the Order of the Ebon Hand enlisted their men in the guard for such privilege. [5]They also favored the spears. [6]

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