Sodona family
Patron family: Shiba family
Clan: Phoenix Clan
Founded: 821
Daimyo: Unknown

The Sodona family was a vassal family of the Shiba.

Founding Edit

After the Return of the Ki-Rin in the year 815 a significant number of small battles took place between the Great Clans. During one such encounter, the Lion forces led by Matsu Turun ambushed and killed the Phoenix Clan Champion and his family as they were traveling to Otosan Uchi. The succeeding daimyo, Shiba Toriiko, refused to mount a counteroffensive, and even invited Turun to the funeral of her predecessor, who refused. In the year 821 her yojimbo Shiba Sodona was granted the Sodona vassal family, which was charged with the defense of the Shiba to prevent such tragedies from occurring again. The Overwatch Tower was the ancestral home of the family, and Sodona's Grave a place to honor their founder. [1]

"Who guards the guardians?"
- Sodona Motto [2]

Duty Edit

The sodona family defended the Shiba from enemies in the shadows, as the Kolat, Bloodspeakers, or the various bandits that plagued the Empire, without became assassins themselves. The Sodona were very close in purpose and deeds to the ninja, but more acceptable to the public. Most Sodona were assigned charges as yojimbo. [3]

Nasu Daimyo Edit

Shiba Sodona 821 - 827

See also Edit


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