Sodatsu no Oni

Sodatsu no Oni

Sodatsu no Oni, Sughenja's Bane, [1] was a pulsating mound of flesh, constantly shifting its form and rolling over the ground like ripples of gelatine. [2]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

All Sodatsu no Oni were descended from the original of their kind. Presumably, the original Sodatsu no Oni existed somewhere. [3] They could squeeze through almost any opening. They were quite intelligent, understanding the Rokugani Language and several others as well, though they had no way to speak any language. [1]

Attack Edit

Like all oni, Sodatsu no Oni could not die of natural causes. They consumed their victims only to add bulk to their bodies, not because they need to eat to survive. [3] Its attacks were made by tendrils it could extrude from its shape at any given time. Those tendrils send blasts of magical energy or could create broad shields of energy. Those force fields would wear down any weapon and any spell cast toward the oni would be absorbed by the creature making it more dangerous and powerful. [2]

The only course of action possible while fighting Sodatsu no Oni was to time the physical attacks. Sodatsu no Oni could only block or attack at a time. A group of bushi should then strike it on one side to divert the attention of the oni while another group would hit it. [2]

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