Smriti was the Naga word for 'remembered'. It also referred to the grand texts (or memories) within the Akasha's recollection, the source of the knowledge and wisdom of the Constrictor priests. [1]

Classification Edit

  • Shruti: meaning 'heard', was the known information.
  • Nyaya: Meaning 'logic', was the discerened information.

Shruti was considered more authoritative than nyaya because the former was obtained directly from the Akasha by the spiritual experiences of the Naga Vedic, the seers of their race. [1]

Sub-division Edit

The individual memories, the 'Vedas', formed the Smriti. Vedas could further be broken down into 'itihaasas', or epics, 'puraana-s', or moral stories, and 'agamas', or parables or scriptures.


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