Small Holies was one of the neighborhoods of Temple Quarter at Ryoko Owari Toshi.

Lesser Fortunes Edit

The small neighborhood was made up of a large number of shrines and Fortunist temples, as this section of the city was reserved for lesser Fortunes. Many were combined together into small, single temples to save space. Isora, Fortune of the Seashore, and Suitengu, Fortune of the Sea, both shared a temple with other marine related Fortunes. [1] Whenever a lesser fortune was named by an Emperor, the priests in this district found space there for a suitable shrine. [2]

Firemen Edit

The kajinin of this quarter were the Temple Road Firemen. [3] They consisted primarily of devout young men who considered their duty a sacred task that they must fulfill in order to fulfill their destiny in the mortal realm. [1]

Notable Locations Edit


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