Slow Dancing Geisha was a Rokugani term when someone narrowly avoided a problem by realizing the danger just before it strikes. [1]

Tale Edit

An early Mantis Daimyo who was conducting illegal trade operations was investigated by an Imperial Magistrate agent. The Daimyo invited the agent as an honored guest unaware of his true allegiance. The Mantis Daimyo's favored geisha suspected of the man, so she crept into the magistrate's chambers finding the man's symbol of office. The next day during lunch the daimyo was subtle interrogated by the magistrate, and when the geisha noticed it she began to dance slower and slower. Eventually caught her lord's attention, so she began to trace in the air the symbol of chrysanthemum, proper of the magistrates. The daimyo quickly took her meaning and conducted himself in a rigidly proper manner for the rest of the magistrate's stay. The Mantis Daimyo had been saved by the Slow Dancing Geisha. [1]


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