Shinjo Slings

Shinjo Slings

A Sling was a length of cord or sash with a pouch in the center for holding a stone. The wielder held both ends in one hand and whirled the sling to build momentum, finally releasing one end and flicking his wrist to unleash the stone. [1]

Users Edit

Unicorn Clan Edit

During the first conflicts the Ki-Rin clan had in the steppes, their opponents used slings to hurl rocks almost as far as the Rokugani samurai could shoot their bows. Impressed and intrigued, when the Ujik-hai joined her group, Shinjo required that they teach the Ki- Rin their secret. [2] This gaijin projectile weapon was brought by the Unicorn, who used it in army units. [3] [4] They hid this secret weapon wrappping their sling around their wrist or neck, wore it as a fake eyepatch, or otherwise used it to adorn their outfit. It was said that Dairya eyepatch was a sling. [5]

Sparrow Clan Edit

The Sparrow were trained snipers, armed with the Sparrow's trademark weapon, the sling, that the Suzume first adopted from a passing Unicorn trader. [6]

Goblins Edit

Goblin Slingers

Goblin Slingers

Goblins also had slingers. [7]

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