Sleeping Lake

Sleeping Lake

The Sleeping Lake was beneath Kyuden Bayushi. [1]

Appearance Edit

The tremendous cavern might only be reached through the private chambers of the Scorpion Clan Champion, and along the way, seven different locks must be opened, not all of them mechanical. The vast underground lake was of crystal blue water. A small pathway winds down from the precipice to the edge of the water. [2]

Passage Edit

The lake was a passage to Meido, the Realm of the Dead. [3]

Haunted Edit

The Bayushi who drank the water fell into catatonic trances. When they awaken, they reported of strange visions of the past and the future; many had come true. A bushi became the caretaker of the lake. [4]

Visitors Edit

Bayushi Edit

In 83 Bayushi was unable to deal with the loss Shosuro and disappeared [5] bounding his soul to the lake, where he remained awaiting a way to be with his love once again. [6] Bayushi never truly died, but retreated to Meido to watch over his clan and wait for the day that Shosuro would return to him. He dwelled simultaneously in Meido and Ningen-do, though his physical presence remained in Meido. He some­times manifested above the lake to see how his descendants were faring, appearing as a terrifying spectral visage. [3]

Kachiko and Shosuro Edit

In 1133 Shosuro, who was nearly to be lost to the Shadows, reached Bayushi Kachiko at the Lake. The first Scorpion Thunder shared part of her soul with the second Scorpion Thunder and she had to kill Kachiko to be truly consumed by the Lying Darkness. Bayushi manifested himself at the lake and drew both Kachiko and Shosuro into the lake with him. Their bodies would die but their spirits would be far from Darkness' reach. [6] [7]

It was said that any Scorpion that fixed his gaze in the lake could see the the face of Kachiko in the water. [8]

Tsimaru Edit

Tsimaru in the Sleeping Lake

Tsimaru in the Sleeping Lake

In 1159 Kachiko's spirit talked to Bayushi Tsimaru, who swore to protect the current Scorpion Champion, Bayushi Sunetra, as his grandfather Abresax did with Kachiko. [9]

Known caretakers Edit

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