Slayer's Vial

Using a Slayer's Vial

A Slayer's Vial was a poison which no one knew for certain where them came from, who produced them, or what the liquid contained within was. Emerald Magistrates recognize a Slayer's Vial when they saw one, and destroyed them. [1] Anyone caught using such an item is likely to be executed on charges of maho, treason, or both. [2] The vial was popular among assassins, and so demand for them remained constant despite their illegal status. [3]

Appearance Edit

When first opened, the vial appeared to contain a dark black residue, as if some chemical had evaporated within. If the residue was mixed with fresh blood, it immediately dissolved and bubbled as if placed over a fire. The resulting mixture was a potent magical poison. [2]

Effects Edit

If the poison was injected into a living creature’s bloodstream the poison caused their skin, bones, and muscles to rapidly dissolve. Hands of Jurojin or similar magics could save the victim’s life, but there seemed to be no non-magical antidote to the poison. [2]

It killed with simply three drops. The pain was so great that many who were exposed to it were killed not by the poison, but by the violent spasms that broke their bones and teared their muscles apart. [4]

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