Skub was goblin created by Omoni. [1]

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Skub was unusually large, powerful, [1] wiser, and stronger than most bakemono. The others had swiftly learned to either follow its lead or quickly clear its path. [2]

Celestial Jitte Edit

In 1158 Hakai ordered Skub to come to Otosan Uchi and to steal the pair of ebony Celestial Jitte. While the Test of the Jade Champion was being held Skub, magically invisible, reached the Celestial forge, killed the weaponsmith, Shiba Tsubeko, and stole the Jitte. Shiba Yoma found the corpse. [1]

Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess Edit

In 1166 Skub discovered the Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess in the City of the Lost, and brought it to his master Omoni. [2]

Daigotsu's Back Edit

This year Skub saw the return of Daigotsu to the City, which the Dark Lord retook from Iuchiban's control. [3]

Demon Uprising Edit

During the Time of Demons many goblins followed the Oni Lord Kyoso no Oni and The Maw against Daigotsu, but Omoni's creation remained with the Dark Lord. [4]

External Links Edit

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