Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Grasping Paw Chieftain

Sktch was a legendary scavenger of the Grasping Paw Tribe. He was known for his bold deeds and cunning nature, and he was considered responsible for the founding of the Glorious Sanctuary, Ch'tppu'kich. [1]

Seeking a Warren Edit

The Grasping Paw tribe did not have a regular home, and their hideaways were rarely secure, so the tribe was frequently burglarized by goblins. The tribe's chieftain ordered his scouts to find a better hiding place. Sktch traveled northwest toward a desolate section of the Twilight Mountains, where located a sizable cave occupied by goblins. The goblin were devoted in a dancing ritual that appeared to be a prayer, beside a large pool of foul-smelling mud. Sktch using mud and brush disguised as some sort of bizarre nature spirit, appearing to the goblins, who run to the cave to inform the others. After a week repeating it, the entire goblin tribe was participating. Sktch had smeared himself with mud from elsewhere, and once the entire tribe was immersed in the foul stuff, he tossed a torch into the mix, killing all the goblins. [2]

Shining Hoard Edit

Since that day the Grasping Paw occupied the enormous cave. This incident catapulted Sktch to the rank of a hero, a role he fulfilled for many years before finally becoming the chieftain of the tribe. [3]

Preceded by:
Grasping Paw Chieftain
11th century
Succeeded by:


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