Skirk was a goblin who led a pack of his kind. He later became a nezumi named Sk'rk.

Chasing Nezumi Edit

He saw a nezumi, gathered his pack and chased him. The nezumi entered into a hole, and Skirk followed to a tomb. He found himself inside a net and being hit on the head with some heavy club. [1]

Becoming a Nezumi Edit

When he awake, Skirk was now Sk'rk, a nezumi. Achirin was his name, had given him a greater gift than he could ever imagine. Before he had only a name. Now he had a Name. Achirin, Kr'chan, Tch'wik and Nem'tek laid several Memory sticks which chronicled all the nezumi history. Sk'rk was tasked to protect the Tomb. The Nezumi started their trek back to the Shinomen Forest in order to join with the rest of their kind to face Tomorrow. If they passed from this world, there would still some mark to show that they had been there, their legacy. [1]


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