Sisters of the Sacred Light was an organization of priestess sanctioned by the Emperor himself. It was founded by Moshi Himiko, a Centipede priestess after she defeated the Master of Fire Isawa Akio in presence of the Imperial Court. [1]

Technique Edit

In the 5th century Himiko developed from Isawa knowledge how Amaterasu's pure light could see through illusions, as well as how to soothe any kami who had been disrupted by trickster spirits, as the Mujina. [2]

Tradition Edit

Women from many clans have studied and served in the Sisters, most from the Asahina and Isawa families, but even honorable and devoted ronin woman were admitted. The Sisters adhered to several vows similar to those of the Brotherhood of Shinsei: celibacy, strict vision of Bushido, and ascetic poverty. Those sisters who were ordered to marry by her Lord had to leave the order. In very rare exceptions their technique was taught to a male shugenja. [3]

Senior Mother Edit

The temple of the Order, located on the southern side of the Beiden Mountains, was ruled by the Senior Mother, the oldest sensei of the Sisters. [3]

Known Technique Edit


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