Refuge of the Three Sisters

Sisters of the Moon

The Sisters of the Moon appeared to be three elderly women who lived in the Shrine to Lord Moon located somewhere north of Kyuden Togashi (the exact location was unrecorded). The fabled shrine lay at the end of a perilous mountain trail known as the Climb of the Moon that could only be found by those looking for it.

They three spinsters were old beyond the ages of mortal men, and they sat constantly spinning out silken threads on three spinning wheels, although no one ever knew exactly why they did so.

They were known to see into both the future and past, and they would pass their knowledge on in the form of riddles to those brave enough to pay a price for an answer to their quest. Seekers of their oracular visions were known to pay for their knowledge by coming into ruinous circumstances afterwards.

The Dragon Clan Champion never took any action against the ancient trio, and those who wondered why assumed he either did not wish to, was unable to, or their existence was yet another unfathomable Dragon mystery. [1]

Dragon scholars believed that the Sisters were not immortal but spirits within a mortal body. When one of their vessels died, the spirit possessed a new one. The new Sister then traveled to the Refuge and joined the other two. [2]


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