Sins of the Father was the final and unfinished play of Kakita Hiro, a famous playwright of Shizuka Toshi. [1] The scroll was found beside his poisoned body. [2] The scroll was Hiro's autobiography, under pseudonym, a confession that he never wrote any of his own plays. [3] A code was found hidden in the writing. [1]

Play Edit

The play depicted a blackmail to a man named Hachirou. Hachirou fell in love with a woman of a higher station, but his feelings were unreciprocated. While walking through a forest, he met a tree spirit, who in exchange for a favor, gave him the script to a play. Hachirou used it to win the hearts of both the lady and the Empire. A man who knew Hachirou didn't write his masterpiece, blackmailed him [2] and forced Hiro to produce plays that were fed to him. [3]


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