The Single Strike Dojo was the Ide Duelist school. It was the first new school established by the Unicorn Clan after it return to the Empire to teach iaijutsu, and art which had not been taught during their exile. Kakita Iaijutsu Masters were sent by the Crane to help establish the school. [1]

Founding Edit

The first classes were held on grassy plains, until in 821 a formal dojo was built in the new castle of Shiro Ide, in the shores of Chrysanthemum Lake. In the first years of the school Unicorn duelists completely resembled their counterparts in the Crane, albeit a bit clumsier. In time the style evolved into something uniquely Unicorn. [2]

Training Edit

Students spent many hours a day practicing the quick draw, but they were also taught a variety of different skills as kenjutsu, horsemanship, yomanri, and courtly etiquette, which allowed them to become magistrates or yojimbo instead of someone who dedicated his entire life to iaijutsu. In the 12th century the dojo began to train the students in poetry, sadane, go, and all other courtly skills. [1]

Sensei Edit

Original Headmasters of the school were Crane, and later Unicorn bushi with few exceptions. Several ronin and once a Dragon were considered the Headmaster. They always had been a bushi who had proven his loyalty to the Unicorn Clan and one who was well skilled in the Ide duelist style. [1]

Known Sensei Edit


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