The Silken Smile Theater was an extremely popular playhouse founded in the year 231 in Shiro no Shosuro. [1]

Plays Edit

Many plays had been written with events that happened there. Inspired to fury and passion by works portrayed on the playhouse's stage many samurai had lost their lives, honor, or both shortly after visiting this theater. [1] The Smile also served to shame and destroy particularly problematic individuals without openly admitting the Scorpion Clan was doing so. [2]

History Edit

Scorpion Coup Edit

After the Scorpion Coup, the Silken Smile was saved from being destroyed by Otomo Banu, who had been greatly inspired by a play there. During the Scorpion exile he intervened a second time. [1]

Destruction of Beiden Pass Edit

The playhouse saw a drop in attendance due to the destruction of Beiden Pass. [1]


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