Silent Village was a small Scorpion village. It was the only one in the region blighted by Bishamon in 1167 that managed to continue producing food even during the height of the curse. The industrious people here did so because of their piety: they took a vow of silence for one year after the blight, and no living soul within the village broke it. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 during the Destroyer War the forces of Kali-Ma dug a tunnel to attack undetected. The assault was fouled by Tsuruchi Nobumoto and a Kitsune earth shugenja. Nobumoto had been plagued by nightmares about the assault, and prepared a trap. The dreams had been provoked by En'you, a shojo who lived in the Ivory Kingdoms, and who had been paid with sake by the Spider infiltrator Yoritomo Aranai, to warn her hosted clan. Many of the attackers were caught in the trap, [2] but some of them managed to attack the villagers, those with elephantine and tiger-like heads. Toku Koto was one of the defenders who took the lifes of these creatures. [3]


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