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Siksa (N3)

Siksa (N3), the City of Courage, was the home of the Asp Bloodline of the Naga. It was located within the lower portions of the Shinomen Mori, near the lake beside Sunda Mizu Mura. [1]

Bloodland Wars Edit

After the Bloodland Wars their walls were covered in gold. [2] Within Siksa's walls was the source of the River of the Sky. [3]

Attacked by the Darkness Edit

In 1132 the Lying Darkness's minions attacked Siksa. Resurrected Hida Yakamo and the Shasyahkar led their Naga army, crushing the enemy utterly. [4]

Awakening Edit

Following the Great Sleep the city remained slightly active, due to the presence of Unicorn bushi and the few Asp still awake to protect their sleeping race. [5]


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